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Featured on Shark Tank Season 10 | December 9th, 2018

"‘Shark Tank’: Kevin O’Leary invested $250,000 in a toy that lets you pop its pimples" by CNBC

"Popping Fake Pimples Is The New Fidget Spinner" by Fast Company Magazine 

Hey There! In case you were wondering...

POP IT PAL® is the world's first ever pimple popping simulator! Build to satisfy a unique obsession, POP IT PAL lets you pick fake pimples. Incredibly satisfying, stress relieving and most of all, FUN!  

POP IT PAL® is made of a skin-safe silicone with an all natural pus that simulates the popping of a huge pimple!

POP IT PAL® comes with 16 pimples ready to pop. Each package comes with one tube of refillable POP IT PAL Pimple Pus. 

Available in three colors: Peach, Brown and Special Edition: Glitter.  

Each POP IT PAL Pimple Popping Toy with Refillable Pus includes: -One Peach Pop it Pal® (4inx3inx1) -One Refill of Pimple Pus (25ml) Retail: $19.99 at POPITPAL.com

Additional Refills can be purchased for $5.99 each at POPITPAL.com

POP IT PAL® launched on January 19, 2018. In just two weeks, POP IT PAL® videos went viral and now have over 50 million views from all around the world.  

There is nothing else like it, a pickers dream toy!  

Featured on Shark Tank Season 10, this incredibly satisfying and stress relieving toy has fascinated the internet and captured the attention of Mr. Wonderful! 

The gross but can’t look away from gadget has also been featured on The Today Show, The Doctors, BuzzFeed, and more. 

But seriously...who invented this thing?  

I'm so glad you asked! Meet William & Summer Pierce, co-inventors of POP IT PAL®. Mom and Dad team with three kids, these two always wanted to start their own business. 

One day, they were driving down the road and Summer said to William, "How awesome would it be if we could make a pimple that felt real and the pop was huge, just like those videos we watch?"  

He thought: "You might be on to something Dear." 

So, William spent the next two years figuring out how to make it happen. 

In January of 2018, POP IT PAL was launched! William and Summer teamed up with cousin and business advisor, Kayla Roof and her husband, Collin to bring their invention to life. Within two weeks of uploading a video onto Facebook, the company went viral getting featured in more than 30+ magazines, articles, blogs, videos and television shows. 

In December of 2018, William and Summer, along with cousin, partner, and VP of Marketing, Kayla Roof, appeared on Shark Tank Season 10 and secured a deal with Mr. Wonderful, Kevin O'Leary. 

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